-Patients will receive round the clock care and supervision while they are admitted to SilverCare Behavioral Health Unit

-SilverCare is a secure unit therefore, the doors are locked at all times. Cameras are monitored by staff to prevent an unauthorized absence, oversee visitors entering and exiting, and to ensure the safety of patients and visitors

-All belongings will be searched to ensure that patients do not have access to contraband

(For example:  jewelry, belts, shoelaces, perfume/cologne in glass containers, objects with sharp edges, razors, picture frames, spiral notebooks, hoodies, pants with drawstrings, blankets)  

-All personal belongings will be locked away during your stay

-Room searches are conducted to ensure that the unit remains safe. All items that are deemed inappropriate will be stored until discharge and/or sent home with family. Any weapons, illicit drugs, or items used as lethal means will be turned in to Upson Regional Medical Center security

-In the event of a fire or severe weather, please follow instructions of staff